3 New Features Shaking Up the Dedicated Server Market

3 New Features Shaking Up the Dedicated Server Market

3 New Features Shaking Up the Dedicated Server Market
Courtesy/News Source: ovh.co.uk

1. Free additional IPs

As a unique advantage in the web hosting domain, OVH is now offering dedicated servers with free IPs, up to a limit of 256 addresses per machine. This freebie will encourage customers to make use of geolocated IPs to improve SEO and to simplify migration from one machine to another by using failover IPs. It also provides a welcome boost for resellers, web agencies and online solution providers.

Additional IPs are readily available via the Web Control Panel.

OVH servers come with exclusive services.

2. Increase guaranteed bandwidth and burst feature

Guaranteed bandwidth has now been increased to 500 Mbps on all OVH servers and customers can now also benefit from burstable bandwidth. This new feature is enabled by default, so that in the event of a traffic spike, the bandwidth can increase by up to 3000 Mbps! This provides a much-needed helping hand with unexpected or one-off requirements: events, TV coverage, email campaigns, buzz, software update releases…

Burstable bandwidth can be activated for up to 36 hours per month. If a user exceeds their quota, they will still benefit from their guaranteed speed of 500 Mbps, otherwise they can purchase additional bandwidth.

3. Free Windows and panel licences (Hosting range)

The Hosting range servers benefit from licences for unlimited domain Plesk Panel, cPanel, Direct Admin, as well as Virtuozzo. Offers have now been extended to include Windows Standard and Web licences at no extra cost.

This combination of free IPs, bandwidth and licences makes the Hosting servers one of the most competitive and relevant ranges on the market for web agencies, as well as for professionals looking to consolidate a maximum number of services on one machine.