A brand new Site Builder integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel

A brand new Site Builder integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel

A brand new Site Builder integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel
Courtesy/News Source: blog.resellerpanel.com

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a brand new, sleek and absolutely newbie-friendly Site Builder.

It will replace the ages-old Site Studio and is designed to help users build super cool, modern-looking websites from scratch with just a few clicks.

The new Website Builder is integrated into the Web Hosting Control Panel and users can start using it right away.

Read on below for more details about this cool tool.

Table of Contents

  • What is the new Site Builder about?
  • New Site Builder – key highlights
  • Site Builder – a few more standout features
  • A wide range of useful apps and add-on modules for your site
  • Options for advanced users
  • Built-in Help Center
  • How to start using the Site Builder?
  • Will Site Studio be discontinued?

What is the new Site Builder about?

Website builders have been trending for more than a decade as an easy solution that takes away all the hassle and upfront costs and helps users to create beautiful websites.

Both individuals and businesses can easily build anything from a single-page site all the way up to professional e-stores.

With the advance of web technologies, website builders now offer multiple opportunities to exploit with a focus on intuitiveness and responsiveness.

The new Website Builder that has been built into the Control Panel reflects the latest progressions in website design.

You can find it in the Web Tools section of the Web Hosting Control Panel:

It is designed to be lightweight, super easy to work with and, most of all, to help users create websites that can look cool on any device.

Literally anyone can build a nice-looking, responsive website within minutes with this tool.

And it can be really fun doing so!

Your customers can forget the plethora of confusing settings that are usually associated with website development.

The new Website Builder will handle them all in the background.

All your customers will see is an easily recognizable point-and-click and drop-and-down layout with content controls.

They will be able to edit the layout of their website, apply styles, add new content in real-time and view all changes on the go.

New Site Builder – key highlights

The new Site Builder is designed to be newbie-friendly.

Absolutely no website building experience or HTML coding knowledge is required to work with it.

А Personal Assistant will be with the user from the very start helping them find their way around easily:

The user will see the core contents of a website such as a menu bar, banner area, text areas, etc. organized in easy-to-work-with modules (content blocks).

This empowers the user to apply their own style to key elements of their website with a click of the mouse.

Here is an overview of the advantages that make the Website Builder a really worthwhile choice for your website:

А content block based site structure

The Website Builder offers easy-to-work-with content blocks for paragraphs, headers, features and more.

Each block supports layout and style controls which allow the user to adjust the look and feel to their liking.

The user just needs to select a predefined content block and update it with their own text and photos.

Also, users can easily add new contents which are separated into 3 types: popular items, text blocks and modules/apps.

Easy control over your website

As mentioned above, the Website Builder requires no technical skills to use.

The intuitive Personal Assistant will make sure the user is on the right track every step of the way:

The user just needs to move their mouse over the content block they want to edit and a handy toolbar will show up with the key editing features such as:

an option to easily edit block’s contents

move a content block to a desired position

add new content such as text and images to a selected content block

A variety of fully responsive website designs to choose from

The Website Builder offers a wide selection of fully responsive website themes to choose from: