Cheap web hosting - it's your last chance to pay $2.65 a month for the world's best software

This Cyber Monday deal is offering up to 67% off

Cheap web hosting - it's your last chance to pay $2.65 a month for the world's best software
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Even though Black Friday 2019  may be over, that doesn't mean you still can't bag some pretty amazing deals - it is Cyber Monday after all. And we still have some incredibly cheap web hosting deals for you from the one and only web hosting giant, Bluehost (for a very limited time).

The world's best web hosting provider is offering a 60% discount on its basic plan, meaning that you're sorted for the next 36 months for a mere $2.65 a month (or £2.18). This ends Monday, December 2 so if you want it get it now before it expires!

It's a pretty awesome offer we have to say, for a free domain and site builders, 24/7 support, and 100MB per account - but what's really getting us excited is the fact that this offer comes from Bluehost. We rank Bluehost as the overall best web hosting provider after having tested hundreds of other providers, reviewing and examining them. It's straightforward and easy to use, offers plenty of features and even boasts a 30-day-money back guarantee. 

Sounds superb right? Just remember that with Bluehost you do have to pay the 36 months cost upfront rather than monthly, you're still getting an awesome discount just in bulk and it's still only $95.40.

Why is Bluehost among the best web hosting providers?

There's are plenty of reasons we rank Bluehost so highly (as number one, in fact). Not only does it have great 24/7 customer support, but it has a consistent performance and all plans offer plenty of features. Signing up is super easy and there are very detailed support pages to help you out with any queries or doubts you may have.

And if the above plan doesn't sound quite ideal for you, don't worry - Bluehost is offering a range of discounts and offers on its other plans, including the Plus and Choice Plus. These are better suited for small businesses, or anyone needing unlimited websites, bandwith and more. Or, if you're not too keen on committing for three years, you can choose to pay a bit extra per month to take it down to a one- or two-year contract.

If you're unsure which of Bluehost's web hosting plans is best for you, you can compare every last feature and detail on its website.

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