Doteasy Offers Free SSL to Enhance Security and SEO For All Customers

Doteasy Offers Free SSL to Enhance Security and SEO For All Customers

Doteasy Offers Free SSL to Enhance Security and SEO For All Customers
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doteasy, a leading Canadian web hosting and services provider, enhances security and SEO for all hosting customers by including a free cPanel SSL certificate with all hosting plans. With SSL, Doteasy users can set up a secure site with encrypted HTTPS connections, as well as meet most web browser standards - for free.

“We wanted to give our customers every advantage to grow and gain trust from both visitors and browsers. Web browsers, such as Google Chrome, have placed much emphasis on the need for SSL encryption,” says William Wah, marketing manager at Doteasy. “Sites without SSL security are marked as ‘Not Secure’ in the browser, which can cause distrust from site visitors. HTTPS is now also a well-known factor for Google search rankings. By including cPanel SSL in all of our hosting plans, our clients can easily secure their websites and see the benefits, completely for free.”

HTTPS offers a multitude of advantages for both visitors and site owners. Sites with SSL encryption offers a secure connection, ensuring that data collected from a site visitor remains private and protected. Website owners can see incredible growth through the implementation of SSL. Websites that are encrypted with SSL are marked “Secure” in web browsers, which attracts visitors and increases trust and engagement on a website. Having SSL encryption can also lead to better search rankings on search engines, such as Google.

SSL is available for free for all Doteasy hosting customers. To set up SSL, members can simply look for “cPanel Secure SSL” option in the Member Zone. To learn more about SSL and hosting with Doteasy, visit:

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