Everything you need to know about web hosting and starting a website

Everything you need to know about web hosting and starting a website

Everything you need to know about web hosting and starting a website
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Almost every businessman, blogger or company have a website these days. We just can’t neglect the massive impact the Internet has over everything. However, not everyone is experienced enough to simply start a website or find the right host, if they even know what a host is.

Finding the perfect website host is not an easy task. It can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re not very computer savvy. The number of options, features and information might just confuse you even more than you were before you started looking for the best host.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Today we’re covering everything you need to know about web hosting to choose the one that matches your needs perfectly. Let’s take a look.

Amounts of Disk space and Bandwidth

Every web host will have a different amount of disk space and bandwidth that they’re willing to give you for the price. Let’s explain these terms so that you can understand what they mean. Disk space is basically the amount of storage that will be assigned to you by the web hosting provider. This means the amount of information that you can upload to your website. Such information includes pictures, videos, texts, music and all sorts of stuff that you plan using on your site.

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Bandwidth means the amount of traffic that is allowed on your website. Or simply the number of visitors that can open your website at the same time. For example, if you own a website that relies heavily on media such as pictures and videos, you will probably need to choose an offer that provides you a larger amount of bandwidth. If you plan on running a simple text website, you don’t need as much storage and bandwidth. Different web hosts have different offers. For example, if you compare Godaddy vs Hostgator, you will notice that all of the offers have something different included or excluded, and the price varies as well.

Website creation tools and beginner support

A very important feature that you should always look for, especially if you’re a beginner, is a service that lets you quickly set up and customize your website even if you happen to be someone who doesn’t understand computers and programming all that much. Most quality hosts will usually have this option included even in the most basic, beginner packages. These types of offers will be usually listed as something like: “Two-Click Website Creation Tool” or something similar to that.

Support and the Uptime your host provides

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One of the most important things and a selling point, at least for us, is when a website host provider has free and reliable customer support. You should always make sure to choose the one that is willing to address and help with your problems at least via e-mail. Live support and Telephone support are obvious advantages but since there are not many problems that might occur, e-mail should be enough in most cases.

Uptime is the amount of time the host provider will keep your website online. No host in the world can guarantee you a one hundred percent uptime since problems occur once in a while for any of them. However, most quality hosts will provide you at least ninety-eight percent of uptime. This is an important factor when choosing one.