How to use for domain payments

You can use domain sales platform to collect payments for your domain sales.

How to use for domain payments
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This week I recorded a podcast with domain name investor Mark Levine that will publish on Tuesday morning. Just like last time, I learned a lot by talking with Mark.

One of the things Mark mentioned was that he sometimes uses to complete transactions that he has negotiated elsewhere. I didn’t realize you could do this.

Completing a transaction at is an easy way to accept a guaranteed payment for a domain transaction. The company accepts credit card payments up to $50,000, which is well above any other platform I’m aware of. The company will go even higher than that with some manual verification.

The fee is only 5% if you bring the lead or just use for payment.

To use this service, go to the ‘sales activity’ section of your account and select ‘add new lead’ (see top image). Then, choose if you want to import the lead to handle negotiations or proceed straight to payment.

If you choose the Lead option, the buyer gets an email introducing them to and then you negotiate through the platform. If you select the Transaction option, they will get a link to make the payment.

Either way, you pay only 5%.

This seems like a convenient and affordable way to collect guaranteed payments for domain transactions.