IX Web Hosting Reviews: Ratings, Pricing, Pros & Cons

IX Web Hosting Reviews: Ratings, Pricing, Pros & Cons

IX Web Hosting Reviews: Ratings, Pricing, Pros & Cons
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IX Web Hosting service caters to the business world with a top-notch web hosting service for companies of every size. IX Web Hosting includes the best features in every plan.

ix web hosting reviews

IX Web Hosting has been in business since 1999, with a home headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. They’ve come a long way since they put up their first server in someone’s living room.

IX Web Hosting designed its services with business users in mind, including small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. IX Web Hosting runs its own data center through its parent company, Ecommerce, Inc. As demonstrated by their hosting plan designs, IX Hosting has a plan to meet every type of hosting a business might need.Want to start your own site? Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog.

IX Web Hosting took an approach to build subscribers that is uniquely different than their web hosting peer competitors. IX Web Hosting took into consideration that its customers wanted to make their websites SEO-friendly, but they just didn’t know how to do it.

IX Web Hosting sought to fill that need by placing the focus of their services on helping customers with SEO website optimization as part of their plans. Part of the strategy was to pack their plans with features that make SEO seamless and easy.

IX web hosting review: an overview

Typically, business owners are committed to the philosophy of working smarter, not harder. Smart business owners know that they need an online presence, but they don’t have the time to put into learning what SEO is. A second, and important problem, is that they don’t have the time to really understand how the search engines use the premise of SEO to direct traffic to their sites.

The pace of technology compounds their problems because the parameters for search engine optimization is continually evolving. What business owners need is a web hosting service that automates a lot of that marketing work for them. Fortunately, IX Web Hosting came to their rescue.

Read on to learn about the pros, cons, and top features that businesses should be taking stock of when doing their own IX web hosting review.

Review of IX web hosting pros & cons


3 nearly perfect pricing plans

IX web hosting put a lot of careful thought into devising their pricing plans. They gave credence to the needs of the various sizes of companies and corporations and not only packed those plans with the features they need, but they also priced them attractively and accordingly.

Competing plans only offer a few select features and hike up the costs for the upgraded plans where users can get access to one or more features that they really need. IX web hosting includes a suite of core features on every plan so that companies truly can pick the best plans for their needs.

This is a prime reason that IX Hosting is so popular among business users.

Offering a suite of the sweetest features on every plan

All plans that IX web hosting offers come with some of the same basics that their competitors offer, like around the clock technical support and a 7-day free trial period. Where IX Web Hosting really shines is including things like unlimited web space, unlimited, bandwidth, unlimited domains and subdomains, and unlimited data transfer, even on their basic plan.

The tech support experts at IX web hosting are happy to help you learn how to set up a domain to work with IX web hosting or you can just watch this informative video to learn how to do it on your own.

IX web hosting gives business owners credit for knowing that most companies hide necessary features in the upgraded plans and that the basic plans won’t help them meet their marketing needs. Consumers appreciate the honesty value-based plans that work for businesses without smoke and screen mirrors.

Enhanced web hosting experience

IX Web Hosting has grown into one of the world’s leading hosting providers as a result of offering an enhanced web hosting experience that includes options for Linux and Windows web hosting.

Other services that provide value to businesses are options for Virtual Private Servers, state of the art cloud hosting, and domain registration services.


Lacks free marketing and advertising credits

Surprisingly, IX Web Hosting has not picked up on the notion that businesses could use a little help in marketing their brands. Even some of the smaller, less popular, web hosting companies offer tidbits of advertising credits or discounts.

Marketing companies like Google Adwords, Yahoo advertising credit, Facebook ads, Miva credits, Ask sponsored listing credits, PRWeb credit, and online yellow page listings are often eager to partner with companies to offer free or discounted online marketing promotions.

It seems odd that IX Web Hosting has not picked up on offering marketing credits as part of what makes them one of the best web hosting services for businesses.

No dedicated hosting options

IXWebHosting reviews would not be complete without mentioning that IX Web Hosting does not have a dedicated hosting option for its users. That’s pretty surprising considering that businesses are concerned about things ling strong uptimes and fast page loading. Many businesses want the security of a dedicated server and that’s just not available with IX Web Hosting, at least not yet.

IX Web Hosting does offer three comprehensive plans, including the Expert Plan, the Business Plus Plan, and the Unlimited Pro Plan. The Unlimited Pro plan includes 15 free dedicated IP addresses and 3 free domain registrations.

You can always sign up for the free trial and you can always take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee, if you still want a dedicated hosting plan.

A few glitchy server and cPanel problems

Users have a few random complaints about the quality of server performance. Some companies complain of long downtimes and tech support wasn’t all that quick in responding to the problems.

Other users have complained that the cPanel was difficult to use or that they had other problems with the dashboard, like some of the elements randomly disappearing.

The good news is that there is really no consistency or frequency of these types of complaints. If you consider that no web host is going to run 100% perfectly at all times, this issue should be considered a fairly minor problem.

Now that you have a better idea of the pros and cons of IX Web Hosting, let’s take a look at some of their top features.

IX Web Hosting top features

1. Optimized for SEO and search ranking

One of the most attractive features of IX Web Hosting is that they have a generous offering of dedicated IP addresses, which other web hosting companies don’t offer. The upgraded plans include multiple IP addresses. This is a feature that can really set a company’s branding efforts above the competition.

2. Security with SiteLock

IX Hosting uses SiteLock to keep websites safe from security breaches for an additional nominal fee. SiteLock detects threats to your website, protects visitors to your website and gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your website is safe from hackers.

SiteLock runs automatic scans for malware and vulnerability and if the software finds malware, it will remove it. The SiteLock Trusted Shield firewall guards against malicious traffic and blocks harmful spammers.

3. Core features included in all plans

Without question, IX Web Hosting gives unlimited space, bandwidth, domains, and data transfer, which other companies charge a premium for. 24/7 support is available to its users via phone, chat, ticket, or email. It’s free to try out and has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Our IX Web Hosting reviews final verdict

With literally thousands of web host providers in the marketplace to choose from, there’s a web host to meet every need. IX Web Hosting placed their focus on one of the largest market shares—the business owner sector.

By including all of the most sought after features as part of their standard offering, IX Web Hosting sets themselves apart from other web hosting providers. Whether your company is a small or mid-sized company or a large corporation, IX Web Hosting stands apart from the crowd as one of the premier web hosting providers that meet the SEO needs of businesses.

Our IX web hosting review final rating

IX Web Hosting took a solid look at the features that businesses really need to put forth their best online branding efforts. They took those features and packaged them into plans according to the size of the company to make their web hosting decisions easier and less complicated.This rating could easily be improved by cleaning up a few small items on the list of cons to get a top-rated IX webhosting review. The biggest improvement for IX Web Hosting would be to add a plan for dedicated servers for a business that wants or needs them. All in all, ix web hosting should be considered a top contender for businesses.I’m giving a rating for www.ixwebhosting.com 4 out of 5 stars.