QingCloud Selected For Intel® Select Solutions, Empowering The Digital Transformation Of The Enterprise

QingCloud Selected For Intel Select Solutions, Empowering The Digital Transformation Of The Enterprise

QingCloud Selected For Intel® Select Solutions, Empowering The Digital Transformation Of The Enterprise
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BEIJING, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- QingCloud, a technology-leading enterprise-class full-stack cloud ICT service provider, announced recently that its Qing3hyper-converged system was selected to be a key component of Intel® Select Solutions. The Qing3hyper-converged system integrated the full-stack cloud computing capability of the QingCloud enterprise cloud platform to help companies build IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions from scratch and provide a complete set of application development, delivery and operation platforms. Léa Liu, vice president of marketing at QingCloud, was invitedto attendtheChinaregion launch conferenceand share the story about the innovation that QingCloud and Intel put into the development of the hyper-converged systems, empowering the comprehensive digital transformation of the enterprise.

Based on Qing3hyper-converged system, Intel® Select Solutions integrates computing, storage and networks with industry-leading software-defined technologies, helping companies smoothly upgrade their IT systems to a full-stack private cloud architecture, as well as connect to the public cloud to create a homogeneous hybrid cloud environment. The solution, which utilizes advanced components such as Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® OptaneTM SSD,fully validates and enhances performance to provide optimal infrastructure building practices that help enterprise users simplify cloud deployment and accelerate digital innovation.

As a technology leader inChina'shyper-converged market, Qing3hyper-converged system not only helps companies to quickly build software-defined data centers, desktop clouds as well as development and testing environments, butalso supportscenarios such as IoT, big data,AI,containers and the hybrid cloud, to meet the enterprise's needs for digital transformation in various business scenarios. Highlights include:

One Architecture: the Qing3hyper-converged system can achieve a unified user experience be consistent with operation and maintenance management under the public, private, hybrid and managed scenarios.

Unified Delivery: the Qing3hyper-converged system supports the delivery of a complete cloud computing service system from IaaS infrastructure to PaaSas well as enterprise application management platforms

Coverage for All types of Business Models: the Qing3hyper-converged system can support enterprise "sensitive state", "steady state" and "hybrid state" business models, while maintaining the ability to simultaneously support innovative distributed Internet business models and enterprise-grade centralized business models.

Global interconnection: combined with SD-WAN technology, the Qing3hyper-converged system can achieve one-hop access, global interconnection, supporting industry cloud, hybrid cloud and morescenarios.

According to IDC's latest China Software Definition Storage and Hyper-converged Market tracking report for 2018 Q4, the Qing3hyper-converged system has been shortlisted as the core manufacturer for two years in a row, ranking firmly among the top five inChina'shyper-converged market, serving the manufacturing, finance, government, healthcare, education, communications, transportation as well as other industries. To date, tens of thousands of Qing3hyper-converged systems are been widely deployed by companies across many industries.

In the digital age, business is the application, IT is the business, while the enterprise of the future will also be based on science and technology. The Qing3hyper-converged system enablesthe enterprise in takingfull powerof a software-defined data center,including upgradesmoothly to a group, industry or hybrid cloud architecture based on the its program for business development,as well as createa solid IT cornerstone for digital transformation of the enterprise andhelp customers to accelerate the digital upgrade.

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