The best managed web hosting of 2019

No time to manage and maintain your server? Leave it to the experts

The best managed web hosting of 2019
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You've designed a great website, found a quality website hosting package and got your creation online. That's great, but don't relax just yet; there's plenty more to do.

Maintaining your website involves a lot of work. You'll need to monitor it to make sure it's online and working normally. 

Web apps like WordPress (and any other software you install) must be updated when patches appear, and you'll have to test these updates to confirm they're working (that gave rise to managed WordPress hosting providers). Then, as the site grows, you might have to work to troubleshoot it, find and fix odd problems, or optimize it for better performance.

Managed hosting packages try to simplify your life by taking on many of these tasks. Automatic system monitoring enables providers to detect and fix many common problems before you've realized anything has happened. The support team may install and update all software for you, sometimes testing updates first to look for problems. The best hosts go even further, offering expert advice to help you fix, optimize and maintain your site.

This kind of premium support usually comes at a premium price, but if speed and reliability are top of your priority list, managed hosting could be worth the extra cost. Browse our list of five top managed hosting providers to find out what they can do.




1. HostPapa

Professional 24/7 managed hosting as standard

HostPapa VPS hosting Plus $19.99/mth
HostPapa VPS hosting Pro $39.99/mth
HostPapa VPS hosting Premium $109.99/mth
Managed VPS as standard
Clear details on what's available
Chat, phone, email support

Managed hosting can be expensive – very, very expensive, sometimes – but look carefully and you'll find some worthwhile exceptions.

HostPapa's VPS packages all include managed hosting as standard, for instance. They're still not exactly cheap, but the baseline Plus plan has a decent feature set – 1.5GB RAM, four CPU cores, 50GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, unlimited emails, free SSL, cPanel/WHM control panel – for $49.99 (£38) a month on the annual plan (currently, there is a discount and you can get the first month for $19.99).

HostPapa is unusual in that it gives you a lengthy list of the type of tasks where tech support can help. These cover getting started (software installs and migrations, Google Apps setups, Perl/PECL module/extension installations, DNS configuration), firewall setup and email configuration, to more advanced advisory jobs like security audits – and of course troubleshooting everything from server boot failure to network issues and even script and website errors.

The service includes all the usual core maintenance tasks, too – server and control panel updates, patches and monitoring – and you can contact HostPapa's support 24/7 via telephone, email and chat.



2. Tsohost

Expert help and support for every level of customer

TSOHost Startup $5/mth
TSOHost Business$12/mth
TSOHost Ecommerce $34/mth
Free migration for complex e-commerce sites
Customize advanced server technologies
Prices are higher than some

Tsohost is a versatile UK-based web host with products to suit everyone from a total website newbie to the most demanding enterprise user. Managed hosting comes as standard with some of the high-end products, but home users aren't left out – there are handy support features available for everyone.

Even the cheapest shared hosting package (£2.92 or $3.83 a month annually) comes with a free migration of a blog or simple business website, for instance. Higher spec plans come with one or more e-commerce migrations, where the company will relocate a complex transactional website to your new account. You get a dedicated engineer to manage the process at the date and time you choose (within an 8-hour window), and you can check the end results before the site goes live.

Moving to the Tsohost VPS range gets you regular managed hosting features, including server monitoring and alerts, proactive threat detection, and full handling of software updates and security patches.

There's in-depth support for running Redis, memory caching systems like Memcached or PHP optimizations such as opcode caching.

Once you've installed the software you need, Tsohost will even help you customize and tweak it to suit your needs.

Prices are higher than many competitors – even the most basic VPS product costs $52 (£39.99) a month – but they're not unreasonable for the service you get, and overall Tsohost is a must-see for professional and business users.