Virtual Private Servers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Virtual Private Servers – Advantages and Disadvantages

Virtual Private Servers – Advantages and Disadvantages
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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using The Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

VPS, or virtual private server, is also widely known as virtual dedicated server, and dynamic dedicated server. There are two further types of VPS. They are: managed VPS hosting, which is more expensive than the unmanaged VPS hosting service. The VPS is essentially the economical bridge between the least expensive shared web hosting plan and the highly expensive dedicated web hosting plan.

There can be many VPS hosted on a single physical web server. The physical web server boots normally, and then uses a software to boot each VPS independently within a virtualization environment. The VPS has no direct access to the physical server’s hardware. The booting of VPS is done from a disk image. Almost all the web hosting companies offer the VPS plan to their customers. The managed hosting can be monitored and controlled using specific tools.

It is seen that most of the webmasters begin their website hosting on a shared web hosting server, chiefly because the shared web hosting plan requires a small fees compared to the more powerful Virtual Private Server (VPS), Semi-dedicated hosting server, or the dedicated hosting server. It is rightly so, because in the beginning, these webmasters are just trying to establish themselves on this huge internet.

Once they have mastered the skills of making money online and the needs of their website grows exponentially, these webmasters then move their website on to the more powerful web servers to take advantage of the commercial aspects and the usage benefits of these very powerful web servers.

The earlier shared web hosting plans for these webmasters become limited in their commercial aspects and the usability benefits, as their business grows and the need for more disk space, higher monthly bandwidth, more control over their website, need to use better web applications, having high-end e-commerce applications, overall security aspects, and needing better web features demand their growing websites to be using the more features that the VPS and the dedicated web servers offer.

Virtual Private Servers

The above are the various advantages and disadvantages of using VPS hosting plan. Obviously, the dedicated web servers offer the best features for such growing websites, but the cost of operating the dedicated servers and maintaining their web applications poses more difficulties to these webmasters. The best option in this case is to choose the virtual private server, also called the VPS web hosting. The VPS not only saves them lots of money, but also gives them additional benefits of being very powerful compared to the shared web hosting plan, and gives them many of the dedicated web server’s advantages.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A virtual private server (VPS) or a virtual web hosting server is a physical web hosting server which is pro grammatically divided into a number of sections. All these sections are virtual machines which act as a separate dedicated server for its user. These partitions are independent in the sense that every VPS using the physical server acts independently without risking any other partition, or the VPS present on that physical web server. All the resources like the physical RAM (random access memory) modules, central processing unit (CPU), disk space, and other such resources are not shared with other VPS present on that physical server. Even the operating system and its configurations can be used by each VPS user in different ways, as they may suit them.

Virtual web hosting (VPS hosting) plan can also provide many other advantages such as:

The virtual web server can provide very flexible and convenient usage for the webmaster

Other additional web applications can be easily used by the VPS

Each VPS can be independently rebooted

Every VPS has its own operating system

Every VPS has its own copy of the operating service. Users can install and run any software that needs that operating system

The webmaster can choose any type of operating system and web applications that he requires to run his website effectively

It is as if the webmaster owns the ‘entire’ server without actually using the costlier dedicated web server. The VPS is very powerful and can offer similar features of the dedicated web server at a fractional cost

VPS is quite stable and offers consistent service

The webmaster can have access to the root level of the hosting server

The VPS offers more freedom and features than the shared web hosting server

The webmaster using the VPS can install any software which can be very beneficial for his growing business. The webmaster can be assured of highest compatibility between the softwares used and the operating system used for his VPS

Each VPS is isolated from other VPS sharing the same physical web server. The resources used by each VPS on the physical web server can be centrally controlled by the web host

Most VPS use the Linux-based operating system which has proven track-record of being more stable and secure than the more expensive Windows-based operating system

VPS can allow the webmaster to host numerous websites very efficiently

A VPS account will usually come with more services and tools from your web host – much more than what is offered with the shared web hosting service

As the VPS is isolated from other websites, that is, the VPS does not interact with other websites present on the physical server, the security aspect of a VPS is much stronger than the risky shared web hosting server, where a harmful script or application used by another webmaster can harm your website

There are many more powerful features that a VPS can offer you over the shared web hosting server

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Disadvantages Of Using The Virtual Private Server (VPS)

There are also many other disadvantages associated with using the VPS. They are:

The webmaster must possess high-proficiency in using the VPS to control the working of the website, the applications used, and the server resources skillfully

As the VPS usually uses many web applications like the forums, chatting softwares, e-commerce forms, and other secure applications, if the webmaster is unable to control these applications professionally, they can become unmanageable because of the high traffic that they attract

The hardware resources of the physical web server are still shared by the many websites that use the server, so your VPS may not be able to use maximum amount of RAM, disk space (although disk space problems can be more easily handled by replacing with a bigger hard-disk)

VPS can have limited random access memory (RAM), central processing time, and server disk space

The above facts ascertain the importance of correctly using the VPS. It has more power, so more responsibility is also needed to control such powerful system. You can also check the powerful features of the dedicated web hosting server if your website really needs more power and greater features. Also, the dedicated web server offers you the entire physical server’s powers and features, and as in the case of the VPS, your server’s physical resources like the RAM are not shared with other users.

Remember that the great powers and features of the dedicated web server are available for expensive fees to you. So, if your website really needs more powers and features than the shared web hosting server, and if your website is not a very critically important e-commerce website, then opt for the VPS.

The VPS is quite economical and efficient, and offers excellent benefits for your website. When you consider the importance of your growing website that will not tolerate the amateur shared web hosting features but cannot yet afford the high-cost dedicated web hosting server, the VPS offers you the greatest possible benefits and advantages in carrying out unobstructed web service. VPS is being used by most of the online businesses quite powerfully, efficiently, and satisfactorily.

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