Who bought domains at Uniregistry this week

A hardened modular building company, customer service SaaS provider, and scanning software company bought domain names at Uniregistry.

Who bought domains at Uniregistry this week
Courtesy: Andrew Allemann | News Source: domainnamewire.com

CoverSix Shelters acquired CoverSix.com, which it forwards to its longer domain name.

Uniregistry released its weekly top sales today, and a surprising number of them already link to active websites. Here’s a look at who bought what.

1. gorgias.com $34,500 – Gorgias.io bought the .com to forward to its existing website. It provides a customer service platform for e-commerce stores.

2. go2greece.com $21,000 – According to a splash page on the site, the owner of Malia.co.uk is relaunching its website.

3. vuescan.com $10,000 – Hamrick Software offers Vuescan, which is scanning software that works with over 6,000 scanners. The company previously tried to get the domain via UDRP.

4. only.fans $9,490 – OnlyFans is a service for social media that lets you earn from subscriptions. It uses the domain onlyfans.com, and forwards only.fans to its .com.

5. agyl.com $8,800 – Appears to be a domain investor.

6. vegasluxuryhomes.com $8,500 – The buyer is in Nevada, so this seems like an end user.

7. werank.com $8,000 – Someone in Hong Kong.

8. dreamview.com $8,000 – Someone using DreamHost for hosting acquired the domain and has a coming soon page. Maybe DreamHost itself?

9. autis.com $8,000 – Autis is an engineering firm that uses Autis.es. It forwards the .com to the .es.

10. toysforgood.com $7,600 – The buyer is in California.

11. zweck.com $7,500 – Zweck is a Miami company that does vehicle sales, performance, projects & parts focused on Porsche automobiles, as well as storage for all collector cars.

12. squama.com $7,000 – The buyer is in Russia.

13. onlinelawschools.com $6,500 – The buyer is in Iowa.

14. nickelanddime.com $6,250 – The buyer is in California. This is a great domain for many businesses.

15. eclosings.com $6,000 – Florida title company Jax Title appears to have bought the domain. It forwards to JaxTitle.com.

16. civy.com $5,000 – The buyer is in Oregon.

17. coversix.com $5,000 – CoverSix Shelters sells hardened modular buildings. It forwards the domain to CoverSixShelters.com.

18. nzevents.com $5,000 – NZ Events in Texas.

19. ananda.net $4,200 – The domain has Domains by Proxy.

20. braingame.com $4,000 – The Whois record has privacy.